Samba 4 released: The First Open Source Active Directory Compatible Server

This is huge! No other way of saying it.

An open source Active Directory implementation fully compatible nonetheless with Microsoft’s own solution is a game changer!

Here is the link to the announcement (their servers are getting hammered as of this posting):

some quote’s so you can get an idea:

" LDAP directory server, Heimdal Kerberos authentication server, a secure Dynamic DNS server, 
and implementations of all necessary remote procedure calls for Active Directory. Samba 4.0
provides everything needed to serve as an Active Directory Compatible Domain Controller for
all versions of Microsoft Windows clients currently supported by Microsoft, including the 
recently released Windows 8."

"support for features such as Group Policy, Roaming Profiles, Windows Administration tools
and integrates with Microsoft Exchange"

"The Samba 4.0 Active Directory Compatible Server can also be joined to an existing Microsoft
Active Directory domain, and Microsoft Active Directory Domain Controllers can be joined to a
Samba 4.0 Active Directory Compatible Server"

I would also like to say: Big props to the Microsoft engineers who helped the Samba team bring this!

Time to fire up some virtual machines! 🙂


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